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Welcome to Tamseries

Africa’s Premier Mathematics E-learning Platform designed to make mathematics easy through an effective combination of fun and holistic teaching approach. From Fun Games and Weekly contests to our E-Tutorials, we offer a system that does not just teach mathematics but also boost student’s understanding of what mathematics is all about. Built around experienced teachers and a culture that ensures students enjoy a fun learning environment, Tamseries guarantees an unmatched depth of maths resources, activities, and programs.


Our Programs

Dedicated to helping you build your knowledge of mathematics, Tamseries adopts an effective teaching process developed on a culture of making learning fun for students. To achieve this, we base our learning programs around three packages which include:

Our Play Lab program is designed to provide our students with games built around the theme of mathematics. Therefore, you get to have fun while learning at the same time.

Our online maths classes are created to help you achieve better grades while helping you learn through online maths lessons based on an interactive whiteboard and chat room sessions.

As a team dedicated to making learning a fun process, we organize weekly live contests for students registered in our platform. Winners are uploaded as our “Tamlite of the week” to spur others to do better.

Preparatory Course


Register today and get an extra course on the house.

Learn from our mathematics expert through the Tamseries Preparatory Courses designed for Students writing exams such as NCEE, JSCE, SSCE.
Course Elements
• Recipes for success
• Tips and Hints
• Examiners review
• Marking guide standards
• Sabi Solve (Theory questions explained and illustrated)
• Mind Combo (Objective Questions in a live challenge format with Leaderboards)
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As a brand that strives to bring the very best learning experience to its platform, we are proud to announce our partnership with some of the world’s top IT and Maths brands.
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Upcoming events

As a leading mathematics E-learning platform in Africa, we participate in celebrating some days set aside to celebrate mathematics.
To celebrate each day, we set up competitions around the theme of the day celebrated, and we encourage our registered users to participate.

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